On December 27, 1942, Limestone School became the site of a non-denominational Sunday School in eastern Bartlesville. In 1950, Limestone Methodist Church was organized with 38 charter members. On January 12, 1953, the small Limestone Methodist Church at 1244 SE Washington Blvd., housed its first worship service, and the building was dedicated on July 12, 1953, with 66 members. September, 1957, the church voted to purchase land on Madison Blvd., breaking ground on August 2, 1959. January 24, 1960, Limestone Methodist Church changed its name to East Cross Methodist Church.
The first services at the 820 Madison Blvd. location were held on April 3, 1960, in the small first unit of the building, which would someday assume the shape of a cross. May 30, 1965, saw the second stage of construction; the sanctuary and three-story educational wing, completed and the first services were held. Ground was broken on March 20, 1988, for the third section of the cross: a fellowship hall, chapel, educational wing, a new kitchen, and several classrooms.
On July 20, 1997, East Cross’s shape became complete with the final leg of the cross, when ground was broken for a large Christian Life Center. On Sunday, June 28, 1998, a Service of Consecration was held in the Christian Life Center, with Bishop Bruce P. Blake leading the Act of Consecration.
Rev. Jack Jordan 1952-1957
Rev. W. Jene Miller 1957-1962
Rev. Howard Plowman 1962-1966
Rev. Ralph Patterson 1966-1967
Rev. Bill Stinson 1967-1973
Rev. Jim Williamson 1973-1974
Rev. Carl Lawson 1974-1981
Dr. Robert Van House 1981-1985
Dr. Dwight D. Darrah 1985-1991
Rev. Don Combs 1992-1994
Rev. Eddie Kidd 1994-1994
Rev. Ken Tobler 1994-1999
Rev. John Price 1999-2001
Rev. David George 2001-2005
Rev. Emery Mason 2005-2011
Rev. Jeff Burress 2011-2022
Rev. Chad Perceful 2022-Present