Small Groups

9:45 - 10:45am


S.A.L.T.: Single Adults Living Triumphantly is a singles group at East Cross with all ages of adults. We have a safe environment where you can enjoy the company of other adults who are embracing single life.

Room 323


Crossroads is a small group open to married couples of all ages led by Jessica Butler. Parents of children and Youth connect through biblical studies on growing Christian families.

Sundays Fellowship Hall

Journey of Hope

Journey of Hope is for anyone looking to get into God’s Word and grow in their relationship with Jesus. We welcome all as we study the life and ministry of Jesus Christ together. Journey of Hope is led by Bill Amburn.

Jesus Room

Upper Room

Upper Room is led by Drew Coffee for senior adults. This class focuses on adult Bible studies and discussions and for those who are eager to grow in their relationship with Christ and deepen their knowledge of Scripture.


New Horizons

New Horizons, led by Warren Ewert, is for middle-aged adults focusing on Bible study discussion and who are eager to grow in their relationship with Christ and deepen their knowledge of Scripture. Contact for Zoom information.




Disciples is a small group open to retirees. Join us for encouraging discussions, scripture-based book series and diving into the Books of the Bible. Disciples has leadership rotation. Contact is Nancy Pichler. 

Room 327


Serendipity, led by Keith Kliewer, is a small group open to empty-nesters. Learn to deal with various practical life issues through the study of scripture, discussion, sharing, prayer and DVD teaching by nationally known Christian teachers and ministers.

Room 325

Love One Another

Love One Another welcomes all middle-aged and senior adults. This small group focuses on the Books of the Bible to help deepen their knowledge to Scripture. Love One Another is led by Preston Arnold.

Room 326

PG: Parental Guidance

As a parent, we struggle sometimes to find solutions to the issues we wrestle with when it comes to raising kids. PG is designed to bring parents together so that we can learn from each other and to learn how to grow to be more like Christ, not only for our children, but for our own personal lives as well. PG is led by Aimee and Jason Hall.

2nd & 4th Sundays


EC Coffee Bar